Elle Wolfson

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Book Cover for Edge of the Storm
Dragons of the storm Book 2

Vinnie walked away to keep her friends safe, but danger is not so easily thwarted.

After the devastating events caused by a killer, Vinnie wants nothing more than a quiet life, honing her powers in peace. But when someone she cares about is framed for the murders, she realizes tranquility is impossible.

In order to protect her friends, Vinnie strikes an uneasy alliance with the enigmatic Will. Together, they try to unravel the motives behind the false charges.

But as they dig deeper, Vinnie and her friends find themselves hunted and will take all their ingenuity to stay ahead of their unknown enemy. The Dragons must navigate a treacherous web of deception while trying to understand why they are being targeted.

Past mistakes still haunt Vinnie and she will have to confront her own demons if if she wants to uncover the truth and find justice for those she cares about.

She thought she could keep her friends out of danger, but it will take all of the Dragons working together to get out of this one.

Project Progress

Dragon Wishes- DotS Prequel- 2nd Draft
Dragon Wishes- DotS Prequel- 3rd Draft
Dragons of the Storm 3- Prewriting